Premium Hiybrid

The Premium Hybrid racket is suitable for players who want a compromise between attack and defense.
This racket was designed to combine all the features in a single racket, combining control, power, durability, maneuverability, it is the perfect compromise between attack and defense.

Its hybrid format translates into a wide sweet spot and a medium, high balance.
The new asymmetrical hole pattern was designed to optimize a wide sweet spot, with a hole diameter for each specific zone of the racket.

The gum in the center of the racket has a unique and innovative technology, a semi-drilled cross, this semi-drilled in the center translates into a controlled output with a wide and controlled sweet spot, removing the trampoline effect when defending and giving greater power in the defensive height. It has a new cap technology that further reduces vibrations derived from its softer composition and its oval shape for better grip versatility.

Always with the exclusive CORK PADEL anti-vibration system.

Game level

Initiate / intermediate




355-375 gr

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